NewsWatch: Why the time is right for these three unloved small cap stocks, says fourth-generation money manager

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Our call of the day comes from a fourth-generation money manager who specializes in finding overlooked smaller companies. See full story.

Tesla plays smoke and mirrors with profits again

Tesla Inc. Chief Executive Elon Musk called the electric car maker’s third quarter its best quarter ever, but investors should also take into account the fact that the quarter was buoyed by $397 million in regulatory credits. See full story.

Dr. Zeke Emanuel says this is what it will take to fully reopen the U.S.

Even within same-party families, there is debate about how long it will take to get the U.S. out of the COVID-19 pandemic. See full story.

President Trump warns ‘your 401k’s will crash,’ but investors don’t seem too worried about it

President Trump is absolutely critical to keeping this bull market alive, according to President Trump. But Twitter is blowing up with people who disagree. See full story.

‘It’s daunting to think about what the consequences will be.’ With no stimulus deal, much of America’s temporary financial safety net will expire Dec. 31

The help that Americans have been getting with rent, unemployment benefits, student loans, paid leave and more is scheduled to end soon. See full story.


Researchers asked high-net worth investors what goes through their mind when they think about equity exposure. See full story.

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