Personal Finance Daily: How to navigate life as states reopen during the coronavirus pandemic and this might not be the best time to get a deal on a used car

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Personal Finance
FTC warns company to stop claiming that listening to certain musical frequencies will ‘weaken’ the coronavirus

The FTC has sent more than 100 warning letters demanding that companies and individuals remove allegedly false marketing claims about preventing, curing or treating coronavirus.

How to safely commute, go shopping, and go on vacation as states reopen for business during the coronavirus pandemic

Tips on navigating life, work and commerce without a coronavirus vaccine.

The cafeteria — and other parts of office life — will change dramatically after coronavirus

No more pressure to head to the office sick.

New estimates on coronavirus fatalities make for chilling reading as the U.S. eases restrictions on social distancing

‘I don’t want to be Mr. Doom and Gloom,’ President Trump said.

I received my ex-husband’s $1,200 stimulus check because we filed joint taxes in 2018. Should I keep the money, give it to him or return it to the IRS?

‘I don’t want to give it over now, only to receive an overpayment letter later and have to pay it back.’

This is how I’m facing Mother’s Day without my mom

As the coronavirus keeps families apart and people grieve in isolation, counselors share ways to cope

Stimulus checks sent to dead people ‘should be returned,’ the IRS says. Here’s how to do it.

The IRS did not specify whether people would face penalties for not returning stimulus checks the agency sent to dead people.

Taking cash out of your IRA under the CARES Act is more complicated than it sounds

You can now take up to $100,000 out of your IRA and pay it back within three years with no tax hit. But there can be tax consequences in the interim.

Why this might not be the best time to get a good deal on a used car

Is this a good time to buy, sell or trade-in a used car? It’s complicated.

Lunch is no longer free for Googlers working from home, among other highly coveted company perks

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, Google has nixed some perks and instituted a hiring freeze.

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Here’s how unemployed Americans can do a vital job to fight the coronavirus pandemic

Army of volunteers can help with contact tracing in the battle to control COVID-19’s spread

Job losses in April likely topped 20 million and the unemployment rate hit a post–World War II high

The United States appears to have lost more than 20 million jobs in April, but even such a shockingly large increase might understate the destruction wrought by the coronavirus on the labor market.

Credit-card use dives in March by most since 1989

U.S consumer credit fell at a 3.4% annual rate in March, the first time since August 2011, as households shied away from using credit cards, the Federal Reserve said Thursday.

Fed officials don’t expect quick economic recovery

San Francisco Fed President Mary Daly and Minneapolis Fed President Neel Kashkari said Thursday they don’t expect a quick economic recovery.

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